Virginia-certified Maryland-licensed Home Inspector and ASHI Certified Member, Hollis Brown (703-754-8872), provides Home Inspection Services throughout the Washington, DC - Baltimore, Maryland - Northern Virginia area.

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Hollis Brown arrived on site of inspection on time. He provided excellent service demonstrating exceptional level of professionalism and professional conduct. Inspection procedure was methodical, detailed and accurate. Hollis submitted his report on same day of inspection. The report is complete, contains all required information supported visual materials. My family and I greatly appreciate his professionalism excellent services. We are looking forward to work with Hollis in future and definitely will recommend him to our friends and acquaintances.



Vladimir Savransky   

Vladimir Savransky

This testimonial is about Hollis Brown,

   Hollis recently conducted a home inspection of our first home.  Throughout the inspection, Hollis displayed a great amount of professionalism and patience with me as I was consistently asking questions that were and were not related to the home inspection.  Hollis was very knowledgable and showed a wide variety of experience when I would present questions and concerns to him.  He conducted a very thorough inspection of the house and checked every corner of the interior and exterior.  Hollis was quick to point out every small detail of the home and any flaws within it.  For example, he was continuing his inspection in the basement of the residence and noticed there was a problem with one of the floor joists supporting the main level.  I tell this because it is something that could have easily gone unnoticed due to its' awkward location on the basement ceiling.
   Again, Hollis was very professional, knowledgable, technical and thorough, which made this experience a great one.  It brought me and my family good comfort to know that the house had been inspected in such detail.  I'd also like to mention that the final inspection report that he created was also very professional.  It listed every concern along with pictures and in depth details about each deficiency that he located.  I would recommend Hollis to anyone who needs a home inspector.  I easily give him 6 out of 5 stars.
Adam Plourde